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Corporate Events @MPC

Join us for a unique corporate team-building experince at Marrakech polo Club: Strategy, team-work, sport, horses and fun!

Why polo for a team day or corporate entertaining?

Polo, the Sport of Kings and Queens, is a popular choice for corporate entertainment and sponsorship opportunities. It provides a unique experience for team building, and at Marrakech Polo Club, Jnan Amar, we cater for all levels of riders from no experience, to horse-riders, to advanced polo players.

Polo is a great sport to encourage teamwork, with varied activities on and off the horse, which enable each team member to use their own skillset for some tasks and rely on and work with their colleagues for others, using each other’s strengths to achieve the overall goals!

▪ Polo is synonymous with motivation, team work, communication and sheer determination. ▪ Few participants have mounted a polo pony before, let alone played a chukker, which provides for a unique and memorable experience. ▪ The need for team tactics amongst colleagues plays a large part in the team building process. ▪ Polo is a true team sport that relies on team interaction. ▪ Mental focus is required to combine riding skills, the basic polo rules and team communication. ▪ In addition, Marrakech Polo Club, overlooks the Atlas Mountains, providing a beautiful location for Team Building and fun!

The Corporate Day Intinerary can be adpated to your requirements and generally includes welcome and introduction to the team and ponies, followed a number of activities (Short Sticks, Wooden Horse, Riding, Rules & Tatics), a break for lunch, Chukker Challenge and Quiz.

Polo shirts are provided to each team member and special corporate day photos/video can also be requested for your own internal distribution and use. for further information


Posted 6 February, 2019

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